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Roger Paredes

Designer, Developer & Content Creator

Earth citizen, persistent, straightforward, hardworking and nonconformist. To me life is an adventure or an experience, a learning experience.
I was born in Quito, Ecuador (South America), became a Graphic Designer and Brand Designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, now I am an IT student in Toronto, Canada.

I have 15+ years of experience with branding, overall design, marketing, communication strategies, advertising, content creation, campaign planning and cms websites. Have worked as a Graphic Designer, a Brand Manager and been self employed for 10 years handling clients with associates by the corp. name "costra".
I am also an activist for animal and human liberation, a subject dear to my heart, content creation on the subject is one of my endeavours.

  • Some highlights:
  • Enjoy learning, punctuality and paying attention to details.
  • Love animals, traveling, metal music and the gym. I am a vegan, an animal rights activist, a metalhead and fitness enthusiast.
  • Content creator.
  • Expanding knowledge in IT, web development and coding. Currently enrolled in Information Technology Solutions Post Graduate.

------ App to calculate vegan footprint (HTML + CSS + Javascript):

------ Online animal statistics web app (HTML + CSS + Javascript):

------ Website for new int'l College students (HTML + CSS + Javascript):

------ Recent content creation video (Shaved Biped):

------ Not so recent reel (2021) for Costra (Creative agency run with partners):

------ Check out more of my work in my portfolio:

------ Costra (Agency run with partners) Website:

------ Apocalypsis Opus (Video series):

------ Bípedo Rasurado (YouTube Channel):

------ Shaved Biped (YouTube Channel - Translated):